Designing and Making LathArt Paintings

A few guidelines for designing your own LathArt Paintings.

1. Make the design of local topics and sell the paintings locally. This is the most important tip if you want to make some money selling your LathArt.
2. Keep them simple, avoid too much detail. (This can be more difficult than it sounds.). Not only will your LathArt be nicer, you will also have an easier time cutting an painting them.
3. Make unusual sizes, long and narrow or wide and flat to fill unusual decorating areas.

Once you have a design that works for your area, it is OK to resell it over an over. Try offering it in different colors to match different decors.

Remember, you are making and selling a decor solution and a conversation piece.

See the Discussion and Help Blog at to see how other LathArtists are succeeding at designing and making their own Lath Art.